Container instructions and maintenance

Please wash the dish with dishwashing liquid before using it for the first time and cover with a teaspoon of oil after washing for an hour.
If the container is empty, avoid heating it and make sure the oil does not burn in the container.
Using an oil spray to leave burns on the dishes can damage the dishes.
Place the dish in the center and on the heat source and always use low to medium flame and avoid flame impact.
When cooking, use a wooden or plastic spoon and avoid sharp metal objects in the dish.
After cooking, remove it from the dish because the dish is suitable for cooking and not suitable for refrigeration or long-term storage.
Although the dishes have good non-stick properties, this property can be improved by using a little oil.
In the case of ceramic or bio-granite containers, although the surface of the ceramic coating is scratch resistant, non-metallic cooking utensils are recommended.
Avoid slicing food into metal containers. Avoid placing containers without protective cover (plastic, cardboard, etc.).

Washing instructions:

Do not place the hot container under cold water at all and make sure that the glass lid does not fall into a sudden change in temperature in the container used.
If you burn food while cooking, put it in water after a few minutes to clean it.
Rinse dishes with warm water and dishwashing liquid and soft sponge. Do not use strong detergents and detergents to protect the coating. Avoid non-standard pills and detergents. Do not place a dishwasher.