Dice cast aluminum containers

The method of production of these dishes is the same as it is currently used in developed countries to produce complex parts for cars and airplanes. The production of these dishes is done with advanced die cast technology. In this method, melted aluminum alloy is injected with high pressure into carbon steel molds. After cooling, the piece is removed from the mold and after trimming and initial polishing process, the aluminum surface is mirror polished. The aluminum piece is then subjected to a high-pressure sandblasting process until the aluminum surface reaches a rough surface on a micron scale.This surface roughness creates the right conditions for a strong physical bond between the aluminum and the Teflon or ceramic coating in the next step. After sandblasting, the parts are placed on the conveyor of the automatic spraying line and by using nozzles and electronic eyes and with the help of modern technology, they are exposed to get sprayed by non-stick Teflon or ceramic materials and different colors in one or more layers with uniform thickness. After the process of cooking the sprayed layers, the parts are machined by automatic CNC machines and transferred to the packaging unit.

Advantages of die-cast aluminum containers:

1. The high thickness of aluminum allows the container to hold heat and distribute it evenly, since the flame in the point of contact to the bottom of container(with low thickness) transfers more heat to the inside coating of the container and damages the nonstick inside coating at the ringed shape of flame contact.

2- The high thickness of aluminum makes the body stronger and increases the lifetime of the container. For example, you may have experienced that the bottom of the pressed containers get deformed convex and as a result the oil spreads evenly inside the dish.